By: Crown Mark - 6280F -  Chrome Floor Lamp


This is a great modern reading lamp and will look awesome with your decor as well as provide functionality. 
FREE DELIVERY & FREE ASSEMBLING to the Houston and Katy, Texas area. After 10 miles 2 dollars per mile.


6280F-1    FLOOR LAMP 65"H 1/12.0/1.1       


40 Watts Max per fixture. 

Fixtures: Fixtures are adjustable. Each (3 total) fixture will turn over 180 degress but not a full 360 degress (almost though) and are a milky white color. Fixtures are plastic but look glass till you touch them. You can turn one light on for less light or both lights on for more light and aim each fixture in a different direction depending on where you need the light the most. Each fixture is 5 3/4" Long and 3 3/4" Diameter


Chrome Floor Lamp

SKU: 6280F


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